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Welcome to Our Leaderboard!

  • What is the Leaderboard?

    The Leaderboard is a central hub where you can view and compare the performance of players in our game. It provides an overview of the top players based on their rounds played, experience points (XP), and accuracy. Keep track of your progress, challenge yourself, and strive to climb up the ranks!

  • How is the Ranking Calculated?

    The ranking on the Leaderboard is determined by a players, XP earned, and accuracy if players have the same XP. XP is earned by playing rounds and guessing the rank of players in gameplay clips. The more rounds you play, the more XP you earn. The more accurate your guesses are, the more XP you earn. The ranking is calculated based on the total XP earned by the player. The player with the highest XP is ranked first, and so on.

  • How to Use the Leaderboard?

    On the Leaderboard page, you'll find a list of the top-ranked players. Each player is represented by their username and their corresponding XP. The player's ranking depends on the XP, the better the XP; better is the player's overall performance.

    To see your own ranking on the Leaderboard, simply locate your username. You might need to go to the next page if you're not in the top 10. Your ranking will be highlighted in green, to easily locate your position. Aim to improve your scores by playing more rounds, earning more XP, and enhancing your accuracy. Keep challenging yourself and competing with other players to climb higher in the rankings!

  • How are All Time and Weekly Leaderboard different?

    The Leaderboard is divided into two sections: All Time and Weekly. The All Time Leaderboard displays the top 100 players based on their overall performance. The Weekly Leaderboard displays the top 20 players based on their performance in the current week. The current week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday.

    Apart from player rankings in the current week, the weekly leaderboard also displays the winners (top performers) from the previous week. It includes the top 3 players from the previous week.

  • How often the Leaderboard updates?

    The leaderboard is real-time and updates every time a player completes a round. The ranking of players on the leaderboard will be updated accordingly.

Start guessing the rank of players in gameplay clips now and rank up in the leaderboard!

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